Monthly Monster: Void Spider

Art: Max Duran

For a new year, it’s time for a new monster. Monster of the Month for January 2023 is the Void Spider. For anyone familiar with the Goats of Wrath campaign these nasty giant spiders made an appearance at the Siege of the Citadel when they attempted to use their powers of entropy to destroy the walls of the Adamant Citadel.

But what about in your game? While they make look like giant spiders at first your players will soon be reeling as the additional powers and damage output of the Void Spider bares its fangs. I would recommend presenting the traditional giant spider tropes leading up to the combat, but dropping subtle hints things aren’t quite “normal”. The web is black, not white. The air is cold and darkness lingers even in the torch light. And when they come across the monster, talk about how its carapace and eyes reflect no light, pure matte black of disturbing depth.

Lore and Background

A void spider is a horrifying blend of the endless void of the Swirling Abyss and a giant spider. In the setting of Accalaion they are the wardens of the realm of the First Demon Abaddon, they act as both an alarm system with thier vast sprawling webs, and vicious guard dogs capable of erradicating any unwanted guests.

Champions of this demon lord may be gifted a number of these spiders to act as guard dogs on the Material Plane too, although they have a tendency of seeking out light sources and consuming them while bored.

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